Memberships can be Obtained From

-  Range Caretakers:

    Michelle Stelmacker & Galen Daumont 


-  Membership Coordinator:

    Darlene Clark 


-  Gone Fishin' in Port Alberni

2020 Membership Fees

Regular Membership - $70.00

Family Membership - $80.00

Senior Membership - $65.00

Senior Family Membership - $75.00

Junior Membership - $10.00

Non-member Range Use Fee - $10 per person per day

(even if accompanied by a AFGC member)

'Family' refers to parents and dependent children 18 years and under

'Senior' refers to 65 years and older

'Junior' refers to 18 years and under

As a Member you will:

  • Become a member of B.C. Wildlife Federation 
  • Receive the BC Outdoors magazine
  • Be able to use the range at your convenience
  • Attend meetings and be part of the discussions
  • Participate in the big game contest and be eligible for awards
  • Meet other people with interests similar to yours 
  • Be covered by insurance benefits through AFGC while pursuing activities that fall within the scope of BCWF: 

  1. $2 million liability coverage while using your ATV on a non-public road 
  2. $2 million liability while operating a boat not more than 12m in length and not more than 100Hp
  3. $2 million liability coverage during personal activities; i.e., hunting and fishing 

Membership Downloads

Membership Application and Insurance Information

For any additional insurance information, contact Capri Insurance Services Ltd at 1-888-818-5821, or call BCWF.