AFGC Schedule, Events & Awards




  • RIFLE:

Port Alberni High Power 

  • Jun 7
  • Sept 13
  • Oct 4
  • Nov 1
  • Dec 6

Port Alberni BR-50 Rimfire Bench Rest

  • Jun 13
  • Jul 11
  • Aug 8
  • Sept 19
  • Oct 10
  • Nov 14
  • Dec 12

9am until noon (contact - Dave Diana 250-586-8966)

V.I.S.L. High Power

held in Port Alberni - 9am - 1pm

  • TBA

Nanaimo Small Bore

  • May 31
  • Jun 21
  • Sep 27
  • Oct 25
  • Nov 22
  • Dec 27

(Nanaimo contact - Bob Ball 250-758-1668 or

Victoria Small Bore

  • Jun 14
  • Jul 12
  • Aug 16
  • Sep 20
  • Oct 18
  • Nov 15
  • Dec 20

(Victoria contact - Steve Schulhan 250-474-4035 or

Port Alberni Rifle Silhouette

  • 1st Sunday of month - 10am start


Port Alberni Weekly Shotgun Shoots

Every Thursday 12noon - 4pm

  • 1st Thursday - Skeet
  • 2nd Thursday - Trap
  • 3rd Thursday - 5 Stand
  • 4th Thursday -  Optional

Port Alberni Sporting clays" and "5-stand" will be held under shelter during inclement weather. Contact Dennis  Royan at (250) 723-3620 about possible cancellations.

Vancouver Island Sporting Clay League (2020 Regular Schedule)

  • 1st Saturday of month - Courtenay
  • 2nd Saturday of month - Gold River
  • 3rd Saturday of month - Malahat
  • 4th Saturday of month - Qualicum
  • Sat, Feb 29, 2020 - Port Alberni


Port Alberni Pistol Steel Shoot

Cancelled until further notice





Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, 

The shotgun range is now open, but to AFGC members only, until further notice.

The rifle range and river trail will remain open to to the public as we continue to monitor the situation and expected adherence by all users in maintaining safe social distancing while using the facilities.

Thanks for your understanding,

AFGC Executive

BR-50 Rimfire Bench Rest Matches

Open to the Public, Spectators Welcome!

We are sanctioned to hold officially recognized BR-50 Canada matches. 

The club will be holding several 22 Rimfire Benchrest matches in 2020, the second Saturday of every month from 9am until noon.

Matches are 25 shots in 20 minutes from the bench at 50 yards, 

4 targets for a total of 100 scoring shots,

totaling a (im)possible score of 10,000 points. 

The cost to shoot is $3.75 per target for adults and half price to junior shooters under the age of 18.

The BR-50 rules  are very open, essentially shoot what you bring.  

This includes any old Marlin tube fed bolt action to radical looking rail guns.  

Scoring is unconventional in that the worst edge of the bullet is used, not the best edge as in nearly every other discipline.  Worst edge scoring means the bullet hole must be entirely within the lines for that score, or you get the lower score.

Classes are designed to place competitors on an equal footing.

If you have never been to a rifle match you should come out and watch to see how much fun it can be!


We Will be working on annual trophies per rifle class as well as a Island Championship Match, Mission BC also hosts the Provincial match as well as the Bob Goering Memorial Match, after all Goering was the mastermind behind all of this and spent years promoting and pushing it on many ranges in western and eastern Canada.


More info can be obtained at or

Dave Diana 250-586-8966




Special Range Closures:

  • See other COVID-19 Notice of closures on HOME page 

Regular Range Closures:

  • Closed for all Port Alberni BR-50 Events held every 2nd Saturday from 9am until noon

  • Closed for all Port Alberni High Power shooting events

  • Closed for all V.I.S.L. High Power shooting events

  • Closed for all Pistol Steel Shooting events




  • Every 2nd Tuesday of the month,
    Held at the clubhouse on Sportsman Road at 7:30 pm.
    All members are encouraged to attend and guests/new members are also welcome. 

  • The Annual General Meeting
    is held at our regular monthly meeting in April.  Annual elections are held at the April AGM to elect an executive for the following year. 

  • Note: meetings are cancelled in Aug. and Sept. 

Congratulations to the 2018 Big Game Award Winners:


Best Moose                       Dave Kleywegt                 118 3/8

Best Blacktail Deer          Dave Kleywegt                  77 6/8

Best Mule Deer                Dermott Aspell                 151 2/8

Best Roosevelt Elk           Tim Killough                      307 6/8                                            


Best Blacktail Deer           Carson Cartlidge              74 6/8

Best Mule Deer                Anthony Cartlidge            2 pt               

Congratulations to the 2018 AFGC 64th Annual Boxing Day Shoot Winners:

  •  Her-Wit-Flit trophy winner - Jared Earthy - with a score of 24/25

  • Old Timers trophy winner - Tom Dawes - with a score of 13/15 (shoot off with Tim Sherwood)

  • Ladies trophy winner - Penny Giesbrecht - with a score of 20/25

The event was held on Dec 26, 2018 with 29 shooters in attendance and 2835 targets in total


Shooting Orginizer Contacts

 and for other additional event info, contact:

  • Shotgun - Dennis Royan at (250) 723-3620

  • Center Fire Rifle - Tony Biamonte at (250) 723-9336

  • Steel Challenge Pistol - Crystal Power at (250) 918-9494

  • VISL - Alex Prodan at (250) 723-3679